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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Chapter 6 of "No Working Title Yet"

Well, that's not for certain. I have a couple of titles in mind. In my computer's directory, it's titled "Project 8". Earlier projects include a work that I got about three chapters into and then I lost interest. There are a couple of completed first drafts. One of which I printed out-- the hard copy has enough red marks in it to almost use up an ink pen.

But that's neither here nor there, I guess. So, without further ado:

Chapter Six:

Two hours later, there were scraping noises and a little bit of thumping. The door at the front of the cabin opened and the same woman came out. She went to what I now presumed to be an airlock, opened the inner door and stepped inside. Then she opened the outer door and came back into the cabin.

“Thank you for flying with Fakawi Spacelines, have a nice day, buh-bye,” she said with a grin. Then she went back wherever she had come from.

“Seriously? ‘Fakawi Spacelines’,” I asked, as we went to the lockers to get my baggage.

Amy shrugged. “Spacers are weird. It’s a really boring job, most of the time.”