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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chapter 3

I stayed late that evening, finishing up reports and clearing my desk.  Some things I wasn’t able to do, so I just sent them back to my supervisor with a note that he needed to pass them off.  I didn’t tell him anything about my assignment, for if he hadn’t been told by the brass, he didn’t have a need to know.  Compartmentalization is the rule in this game.

When I went home, I packed. Since the sheet had said “light industrial”, I packed a pair of steel-toe  flight deck boots from a job on an aircraft carrier.  Short and long sleeved work shirts, all cut with some extra room. Jeans and work pants.

My personal gun selection was not huge.  If I need something specialized, I normally can draw it from the armory at work or in the field.  In a pocket under the laptop, I stowed a 4” .357 in a holster, along with 50 rounds of heavy magnum rounds, 50 rounds of 9mm hollowpoints, and 20 round of .38 wadcutters.  The 9mm ammo was for a Smith & Wesson Ladysmith, the wadcutters for a Smith & Wesson Airweight.  I dropped in two magazines for the 9mm, two speed loaders for the .357 and a couple of extra speed strips.  Then I packed pens, two small notebooks and a digital camera.